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MgA. Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz Ph.D.

(Tamaulipas, Mexico 1982)

In the year 2000 started his studies in music composition at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música CIEM (Center of Studies and Musical Research) under the tutelage of Alejandro Velasco “Kavindu” and Víctor Rasgado in composition, in addition to Marcela Rodríguez and Enrico Chapela in Orchestration. In this institution he was working as a teacher of piano and aural training in the children area (2002 – 2006) and keyboard harmony in the professional area (2014)  under the direction of the Dr. H.C.María Antonieta Lozano.

From the year 2007 to 2009 studied the Masters in Music Composition at the Janacek Academy of the Performing Arts in the city of Brno, Czech Republic under the tutelage of the Profr. Arnošt Parsch, same institution where he completed the Doctorate in Music Composition and Theory of the Composition under the tutelage of the Profr. Ing. Ivo Medek PhD in the year 2012, with the thesis „Music and Mathematics – Focusing in the numerical systems of the Pre – Columbian Middle America“. In the year 2008 he was awarded with the scholarship of Individual Artistic Development by the Instituto Tamaulipeco de Cultura and the National Fund for the Culture and Arts FONCA (Mexico) for the development of the research “Different applications of the Fibonacci´s Sequence to the Music Composition”. He has been given conferences about History of Mexican Music, History of Latin American Music, Mathematics applied to the Music Composition and Different applications of the Mayan and Aztec numerical systems to the Music Composition in different cities of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where his researches have been published in several occasions. From the year 2015 he writes contents about film scoring for the Chilean collective “Galaxia Up”.

His music has been performed in Mexico, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Hong Kong, Israel, the Czech Republic, the USA, Slovakia and Spain. In the year 2011 was awarded with the first prize of the VII Concurso de Composición Musical Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain). He has lectured on the history of Mexican music, history of Latin American music and mathematics applied to musical composition in various cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 he was commissioned to compose the music for the multimedia performance "Sfida Furioso", which has been featured in several  venues in Europe and Asia by the company "ProArt" (Austria - Czech Rep.), this company  also commissioned him the works "V.I.T.K.A ." (2015) and "Sonets" (2016). Since the 2009 performs as a guitarist, composer and arranger in the Traditional Latin American Music Ensemble “Vámonos!”.

He has also worked in the production of different international cultural projects, from which we can highlight: Manager of Logistics at the Festival of Music and New Technologies Visiones Sonoras 2006 (Mexico City), General manager in the Czech Republic and founder of the First Composition Award Janáček – Revueltas 2008 (Czech Republic – Mexico) and Music Manager of the Festival „Mexic(k)o 2010“ commemorative of the Bicentennial of the Mexican Independence and the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution (Czech Republic 2010).

During the year 2014 he was invited as a President of the Jury during the final stage of the Song Festival of the prestigious Mexican university “Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Queretaro”. During this year he also worked in several outstanding interdisciplinary projects: As a musical director of the theater play “Cada quien su Lara” by the renowned Mexican actor Hector Bonilla (Mexico), and as an arranger of the suite “En el crepusculo de mi vida” by the prestigious Mexican actor Javier Diaz Duenas. In the year 2015 his works „Terra“ (for guitar orchestra) and „Ignis“ were commisioned and premiered by the Hong Kong Guitar Emsemble at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre; in the same tour supported by the General Consulates of The Czech Republic and Mexico in Hong Kong, he successfully performed different concerts at the Hong Kong University Museum and the Octavio Paz Gallery of the Mexican Consulate in Hong Kong.

Since 2016, maintains a cultural cooperation agreement with the Embassy of Mexico in the Czech Republic, which consists on his participation as a composer and guitarist in various artistic and cultural events either organized by the Embassy itself, or on behalf of Mexico in other events of this kind carried out in Czech Republic.

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